Dr Karolina Sekita

Academic Background

Before coming to Oxford, I received two Magister degrees from Warsaw University: in Classical Philology and in Polish Philology. At Oxford I did my DPhil studies in Ancient History (St Anne's College). Before taking up a Junior Research Fellowship at St John's College, I was Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics at Brasenose College where I taught Greek literature and language with some excursuses to Greek history papers (Archaic and Classical). From that time I have been giving lectures on Aristophanes’ Political Comedy, and on Greek Religion for the Faculty, and co-teaching the Faculty class on Sexuality and Gender in Greece and Rome.

Research Interests

My main research interests focus upon Greek religion of the Archaic and Classical periods. In particular I am interested in changes within Greek religious thought as well as in its interactions with the rest of the ancient world in these periods (at the moment mainly Italy and Sicily). Currently I am preparing my doctoral dissertation The Figure of Hades/Plouton in Greek Beliefs of the Archaic and Classical Periods for publication in the Classical Monographs Series (OUP). The new project I am pursuing as Junior Research Fellow focuses on studying divine configurations and their interrelations, both with one another and with other deities, on the basis of narrative context, local traditions, iconography and cult environment. Its main aim is to introduce a new dimension to the analysis of the Greek gods and the Greek way of representing the divine by emphasising the importance of collaborative relations between deities as well as demonstrating the resulting shifts in cultic character.

Research Keywords

Greek Religion, Early Greek Epic, Greek Tragedy, Aristophanes, Greek Cultural History (Archaic & Classical).


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