Lectures, seminars and classes in Michaelmas Term 2023 will be held in person unless otherwise stated.

Lecture Schedule for Michaelmas Term 2023

The lecture list for Michaelmas Term 2023 is published online at http://rbll.classics.ox.ac.uk/. Please note that the times and venues of lectures are subject to change at short notice, so you are advised to check the online lecture list regularly for up-to-date information.

Important notes

1. Lectures and classes last one hour unless otherwise stated. Lecturers are asked to begin speaking five minutes after the advertised start time, and to finish their lecture five minutes before the advertised finishing time, to allow sufficient time for students to travel between venues.

2. Unless specific weeks are indicated (e.g. "wks 1,3,5,7"), lectures and classes take place in all eight weeks of full term.

3. Lectures and classes with more complex timetabling patterns (e.g. those held in different venues on different occasions) may appear as two or more adjacent entries in the lecture list.

4. Lectures and classes marked with an asterisk (*) are open to invited groups of students only.

5. Lectures and classes marked with a dollar sign ($) require advance signup, because of capacity restrictions in the teaching venue.

6. Some lectures and classes only happen biennially or two years out of three. These are indicated in the lecture list. You are advised to attend lectures at the first available opportunity, as it may not be possible to attend the same lecture series in a subsequent year, for instance if the lectures are biennial or if changes to the timetable are necessary from year to year.

Prospectuses for lectures and graduate seminars

Where lecturers have provided prospectuses for their lecture series or graduate seminars, they are listed below. Prospectuses are not available for all lecture series.

Approaches to Classics (various lecturers)

Lyric Poetry (Dr L Swift)

Lectures in previous terms

Copies of lecture lists from recent terms are available for the reference of staff and students in Canvas.