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academic visitors

Academic Visitors

The Faculty of Classics welcomes Academic Visitors from other Higher Educational Institutions. Academic Visitor status is in principle available to holders of an established teaching or research post in the Classics department at another University, and who have a distinguished record of research (as appropriate for their career stage), who wish to spend a period of up to twelve months at Oxford for the purposes of undertaking private research.

Information about the application procedure can be found below. Academic Visitors whose visit is approved by the Faculty are entitled to attend lectures and seminars organised by the Classics Faculty, access the Libraries and work in the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies.  However, they are not entitled to accommodation, an office, secretarial facilities, or supervision by a member of the Classics Faculty’s academic staff.

The benefits of Academic Visitor status include access to all the following:

  • Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, at 66 St Giles’, Oxford, where the Faculty of Classics is based
  • Swipe-card access to the building during opening hours, usually 08:00 – 22:00, daily
  • Opportunity to attend seminars and to meet colleagues or students
  • Access to facilities, including computer terminals, kitchen and common room
  • Bodleian Libraries, including the Sackler Library
  • Oxford IT account, Oxford email
  • Faculty of Classics email list for visitors to receive emails about aspects of the Classical life of Oxford relevant to Academic Visitors.

Approval as an Academic Visitor is subject to an annual setup fee of £100 plus £75 per month, (minimum 1 month) and for a maximum of 12 months.

How to apply

Prospective visitors must follow the application process outlined below. The Classics Faculty reserves the right to reject applications at its discretion.

In order to apply to become an Academic Visitor, you will need to have a faculty sponsor and complete with their help an Academic Visitor Application Form.  Your sponsor will need to submit the completed Academic Visitor Application Form on your behalf to along with a Curriculum Vitae,  a list of publications and a copy/scan of your current passport. Applications will be considered at various times of the year.  The Classics Faculty strongly advise to apply at least 6 months in advance.

If an application is approved, the Faculty will need to assess which Visitor Visa route is most appropriate. Depending on visa route and length of visit, Academic Visitors from overseas may need to obtain an Academic Visitor Visa before travelling in order to enter the UK, or they may need to be prepared to apply for a visa on entry. Applicants are required to ensure that they have obtained in advance of their visit the appropriate visa that allows them to travel to and enter the UK, as well as undertake permitted activities during their stay. In the event that a Visitor Visa is required, please be aware that neither the Faculty nor any other part of the University is able to assist with any aspect (financial or administrative) of the application.  Once it has been established which visitor visa category is best suited to accommodate a visitor, the Faculty will issue a formal letter of invitation to the visitor, which will be required for a visa application or presentation to border control when entering the UK.

On arrival in Oxford a check of your immigration documents is required before your a visit can begin.

Visitors are required to sign a visitor agreement and pay the Academic Visitor Fees before a university card can be issued and IT access activated.

A brief induction to the Faculty with a member of the Administration staff will be arranged. You will be shown around the Classics Faculty and introduced to the facilities available to you. Your sponsor will be able to arrange any necessary academic-related induction.

Visiting Researchers

If you are a Postgraduate Research student enquiring about the status of Associate Researcher, or an Associate Researcher enquiring about renewal of status, please contact the visitor administrator at





Application Forms

Academic Visitor  Application Form

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If you have any further queries regarding Academic Visitor status in the Classics Faculty, please contact