Dr Aneurin Ellis-Evans

Academic Background

At school my A Levels were Latin, History, and English Literature. I knew I wanted to study the ancient world at university, but I was genuinely torn about which direction to go in. Ultimately, I decided history was what I wanted to do, and the flexibility of the Ancient and Modern History course was therefore perfect.

After my undergraduate degree in AMH (2005-2008) I stayed on at Balliol College to do the MPhil in Greek and Roman History (2008-2010). The two years of the MPhil was a great opportunity to expand into new areas (about all Hellenistic history), develop new skill sets (in particular epigraphy and papyrology), and work on my languages.

Based on work in the MPhil I decided I wanted to do more Hellenistic history, more regional history, and more epigraphy, and so for my DPhil in Ancient History at New College (2010-2013) I wrote a thesis about processes of regional integration on Lesbos and in the Troad in the north-east Aegean.

After finishing my doctorate, I became a Junior Research Fellow in Classics at The Queen’s College (2013-2016). This gave me the time to work on turning my book into a thesis, to come up with my next book project, and to develop new areas of interest (for example, moving into Greek numismatics and learning to teach more Roman history). I taught at several different colleges 2016-2022 before taking up my current role as the Fellow in Ancient History at University College.

Research Interests

My first book was a regional history of Lesbos and the the Troad from the 7th c. BC – 1st c. AD which explored the political, cultural, and social history of regional integration (The Kingdom of Priam: Lesbos and the Troad between Anatolia and the Aegean, OUP 2019). I continue to work on the history of Lesbos and the Troad by exploring the largely unstudied coinages of the region from the 6th - 1st c. BC. My next project is a social and cultural history of literary production in the Greek city-states of the Hellenistic period. This will look at how the dynamics of the polis shaped the literary culture of the Hellenistic world.

Research Keywords

Greek history 800 BC - AD 300, historical geography, literature and politics in the post-classical polis, Greek numismatics, Greek epigraphy.


I teach most of the Greek and Roman history papers available at Oxford. For the Faculty, I convene the final-year paper Sexuality and Gender in Greece and Rome.


Full list of Publications: Ellis-Evans_A_July 2023   

‘Satire and the polis in Lucian’s Timon or The Misanthrope’ in D. Jolowicz and J. Elsner (eds.), Articulating Resistance under the Roman Empire (Cambridge 2023) 158-82.

with Jonathan Kagan and Ute Wartenberg, ‘Asia Minor: Archaic to Hellenistic’ in M. Alram, J. Bodzek, and A. Bursche (eds.), Survey of Numismatic Research (2014-2020), 2 vols. (Warsaw 2022) 1: 253-92.

‘The wreathed tetradrachms and gold staters of Magnesia on the Maeander’ in A. Meadows and U. Wartenberg (eds.), Presbeus: Studies in Ancient Coinage Presented to Richard Ashton (New York 2021) 239-334.

Selected Publications