Dr Matthew Robinson

Academic Background

I studied in Oxford as both an undergraduate and a postgraduate. I then taught at UCL for a number of years, before returning to Oxford in 2012.

Research Interests

My research interests centre on the literature of the late Republic and the Augustan period. In preparing my first book - a commentary on Book 2 of Ovid's Fasti - I became interested in the ways in which texts can engage with not only with other texts but also with the non-textual - for example, religious ritual, art or astronomy. My current research focuses on literature's engagement with sub-literary genres such as declamation, and also on the use of acrostics and telestics in classical poetry.

Research Keywords

Latin literature; Ovid; Propertius; Vergil; Catullus; astronomy; mythography; paratext; acrostics; telestics




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